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Nigel Power QC has considerable experience in cases involving sexual allegations, including high profile cases which have attracted significant media attention. 

His experience includes defending in cases of rape, indecent assault,  assault by penetration, historical sexual abuse, prostitution and soliciting and indecent images cases. 

Recent cases in silk include:



R v K

Serious allegations of rape were made by an escort against a prominent Liverpool businessman. The complainant sought anonymity; a number of technical objections were made to the application, and whilst the prosecution sought unsuccessfelly to remedy them the complaininant withdrew her support for the prosecution and the defendant was acquitted. 


Gail Newland

This notorious case involved an allegation by the defendant's best friend that she disguised herself as a man and used a strap-on dildo to penetrate here a number of times. At trial the defendant was acquitted of some counts but convicted of others; Nigel succesfully appealed the convictions that remained and the case is to be retried; see one of the many many press reports of the case here.


Michael Burke

This defendant was tried for the rape of his sister, the so-called "Queen of the Selfies" Karen Danczuk, wife of the Rochdale MP and two other women. The defendant was acquitted of the majority of the charges against him including the most serious "multiple offending" count. Unusually, Karen Danczuk waived her anonymity post-conviction ; see the Sun report here


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