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Fraud and money laundering


Nigel Power QC is a barrister highly experienced in cases of fraud and money laundering. 

He is ready to help you at any stage of proceedings. If you want pre-charge advice, or need representation at trial or tribunal,  Nigel can provide the advice, skill, experience and representation that you need. 

Nigel has experience of cases involving complex legal and financial problems. Recently he represented Andrew Mitchell, who was accused of submitting more than £1m worth of false invoices on behalf of his company in order significantly to boost his salary and bonus payments. A negotiated settlement led to the imposition of a suspended sentence. He also appeared in “Wales’ Biggest Ever Fraud” which involved more than 320,000 pages of material. Nigel is highly skilled in IT and can manipulate data using Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Access and Excel to prepare presentations to advance your case to its best advantage.

In 2012 Nigel represented Phillip Dennett in a ten-week “Boiler-Room Fraud” which was highly publicised because the first defendant was Lord Hugh Rodley, aka “The Lord of Fraud”. Shares worth more than £14m were sold in companies that did not trade in any meaningful sense. Nigel used defence expert handwriting evidence and cross-examination of the prosecution’s expert chartered accountant during the trial to ensure that although Mr Dennett was the director of the two principal companies operating the frauds and had control of the bank accounts, he was the only one of the five on trial to be acquitted of conspiracy to defraud and fraudulent trading; this was despite the fact that he had given undertakings not to act as a Director during the concurrent investigation by Companies House. Read the Press Report here.

Nigel made a successful application to dismiss for Stephen Bragg in the infamous “Millennium Dome Fraud”. He has extensive experience of tobacco and alcohol excise evasion cases and has recently been instructed at the confiscation stage of an MTIC Fraud where the assets are said to be in the sum of £90m. He has considerable success in money laundering cases where the allegedly criminal property has been alleged to have come from numerous sources including drug trafficking and a variety of frauds.

A list of the types of fraud cases that Nigel can help you with is set out below:

  • Money Laundering
  • Revenue Fraud
  • Pension Fraud
  • Anti-competitive conduct (cartels, market abuse, insider dealing)
  • Civil/commercial fraud
  • Fraudulent trading
  • Mortgage fraud
  • VAT / MTIC / Diesel Fraud
  • Charity Fraud
  • Company and Boiler-Room Fraud
  • Advance Fee Fraud
  • Banking Fraud
  • Benefit Fraud
  • In-House Fraud Investigations
  • Company Directors Disqualification
  • VAT Tribunals
  • HMRC investigations
  • Financial Regulation Tribunals 
  • Third Party Rights & Enforcement in POCA 

If you want Nigel’s legal help and advice in relation to any fraud or related matter, email directly or call 0845 450 0707.