Drugs Case Victory


Nigel Power QC successfully represented Matthew Edward, described by the prosecution in concurrent proceedings in Scotland, as someone who "was operating at the highest level and is, along with his co-principals, one of the major suppliers in Scotland."

Having pleaded guilty to supplying heroin in Scotland, he was charged with conspiracy to supply cocaine in England during the same period. In a number of pre-trial hearings arguments were advanced in relation to abuse of process and the prosecution agreed to submit a joint basis of plea in which it was said that his offending in England had effectively been taken in to account when he was sentenced in Scotland. The prosecution withdrew their support for that apparent agreement. 

Notwithstanding this, a successful set of submissions at the sentence hearing before HHJ Joseph QC resulted in Mr Edward receiving a sentence which means that he will not have to serve a day longer as a result of his guilty plea at the Old Bailey. 

In this case Nigel Power QC was instructed by Nick Melville of Quinn Melville Solicitors


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