MTIC Confiscation Win

Umar Nazir was one of the many defendants charged in Operation Inertia, said to be the largest MTIC fraud ever prosecuted. 

He had pleaded guilty just before his trial when represented by other counsel. At the hearing, the prosecution alleged benefit of more than £1.8m and said Mr Nazir's assets were in the same sum, alleging in particular that he had significant hidden assets evidenced by transfers of large amounts of money to, amongst other places, Oman.

Following the submission of comprehensive skeleton arguments, the prosecution were persuaded to give up on the claim of hidden assets. Mr Nazir and his brother's joint benefit was reduced to £600,000 and Mr Nazir's available amount was reduced to the modest sum of £50,000.

in this case Nigel Power QC was instructed by Katie McCreath of Frisby's solicitors.