Success in Nottingham


Ijah Lavelle-Moore was acquitted of murder and three counts of attempted murder on the 17th June 2013. He was allegedly involved in a gang loosely know as the New Basford gang. He was undoubtedly associated with Cameron Cashin (later convicted as the gunman). He was also connected to LoAndre Palmer, Shakir Robinson and Kumar Harris, all of whom left the country shortly after the shooting. 

The shooting took place at the Hubb Nightclub in Basford. At 3am in the morning Malachai McKenzie, his brother and two cousins were in a car on the nightclub car park when four men in hoods entered the car park. Four shots were fired into the car, one killed Mr McKenzie, the other 3 occupants were lucky to survive. 

There was cell-site, text message, Blackberry Messaging (BBMs) and other phone evidence proving links between those said to be involved. There were photographs on the defendant's computer proving association which were admissible, but a successful application was made to exclude photographs showing Mr Lavelle-Moore posing with others and guns in what was said to be the glorification of gang culture. 

Following the exclusion of the evidence, a submission of no case to answer succeeded and the defendant was acquitted. 

In this case Nigel Power QC was instructed by Lionel Greig of Quinn Melville Solicitors and led Anya Lewis.  

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