Nigel Power QC Obtains Conviction in Murder Trial


Kevin Jones was convicted of the murder of Karl O'Hara at Liverpool Crown Court on 22nd August 2013 following a two week trial. 

The defendant and deceased were both drinkers and were drunk to a lesser or greater extent at the time of the fatal incident. They had been together at the defendant's flat but after an argument the deceased left. He was next seen by paramedics with the defendant over him. When the police arrived the defendant said he knew who had done the killing but wouldn’t reveal the name of the supposed killer. In interview he feigned amnesia, but later said he was too afraid to say who had committed the murder. Later he said that he had been head-butted by Mr O’Hara but didn’t attack him in revenge. 

The prosecution were able to show through scientific evidence that Kevin Jones was likely to be the knifeman. The defendant did not give evidence but called his girlfriend, who was cross-examined to the effect that only the defendant could have returned the murder weapon to their flat. 

Although the defence argued for them, the prosecution were able to persuade the Trial Judge that there was insufficient evidence for self-defence or loss of control to be left as live issues before the jury, who convicted the defendant after just over an hour’s deliberation. The defendant was sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum term of 22 years.

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