Dramatic Acquittal for Jason Buckley

Jason Buckley was charged with conspiracy to cause explosions in Stoke in 2012. A number of people were convicted after trial in 2012, but Mr Buckley was not extradited from Ireland until late 2015. He was acquitted on the 24th June 2016 at the Crown Court at Birmingham. 

On evening of the 3rd August 2012, three pipe bombs detonated at the houses of three people closely connected to Jason Sherratt, a business rival of the lead defendant, Jason Taft. The prosecution alleged that Mr Buckley was recruited as an expert and flown in from the Republic of Ireland on the day to finalise the making of and deliver the bombs after a reconnoitring expedition earlier in the day. 

The prosecution relied on a combination of cell-site, phone attribution, explosives and fingerprint experts to suggest that Mr Buckley was responsible. He relied on the cross-examination of those experts by Nigel Power QC and elected not to give evidence. Notwithstanding an apparbelty powerful case, the jury acquitted him. 

In this case Nigel Power QC led Lianne Birkett and was instructed by Frisby's