Christopher Spendlove Acquitted of the Murder of PC Doyle

Nigel Power QC represented Christopher Spendlove at Liverpool Crown Court in a six-week trial in which Mr Spendlove was charged with the murder of off-duty Police Officer Neil Doyle and two section 18 assaults on two other off-duty colleagues of Mr Doyle. 

The trial, which had extensive media coverage, focussed on Mr Spendlove's involvement on a joint enterprise basis, the prosecution alleging that he started the violence with an inflammatory and threatening remark and that he subsequently joined in the attack. 

Mr Spendlove is a man of impeccable previous character who was at the time of the incident the assistant coach of Oklahoma City Energy FC, a new professional football franchise in the USA. He was immediately reinstated by the club following his acquittals on all counts. 

In this case Nigel was instructed by Mark Davies of Frisby's and led Ian Whitehurst of 7 Harrington Street Chambers

Press Reports:

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