Dramatic Acquittal Obtained by Nigel Power QC

Ryan Melia was acquitted of section 18 assault in the face of compelling evidence. 

Mr Melia was accused of a brutal assault on a business rival in the Mansion Nightclub in Liverpool. It was alleged that Mr Melia kicked and stamped the victim's head repeatedly after he was rendered unconscious, causing extremely serious injuries which required multiple operations.

The prosecution case appeared formidable; two independent eye-witnesses identified Mr Melia at identification parades and there were a large number of the victim's airborne blood spots recovered from Mr Melia's shoes. His case was that he was nearby but not active in the assault. 

Although CCTV footage from the club did not capture the assault, there were recordings of a number of other sites within the club. Many hours spent pouring over the footage by Nigel Power QC enabled him to identify a credible alternative suspect that the jury did not feel able to exclude and Mr Melia was acquitted after just over two hours' deliberation. 

In this case Nigel Power QC was instructed by Paolo Martini of Cobley's solicitors.